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Meeting NASCAR specifications, the G-Force/Tex Racing rearend housing provides consistent wall thickness of .219. Our lightweight tubes are 24% lighter than the current two piece welded tube. Add our lightweight brake brackets, lightweight billet trailing arm pads and re-designed rear cover for added strength and you have one slick piece.

Engineered one (1) piece tube and spindle extruded from One-Piece 1035 Sae Steel
Seal diameter tolerance held to approximately .0015.
Bearing diameter tolerance held to +0.00 to -0.0003
Higher yield strength than the original tube and spindle by 19,000 PSI.
Bearing and seal diameter ground simultaneously after tube is cambered.
100,000 PSI minimum yield strength.
Higher ultimate tensile strength than two piece tube and spindle
110,000 PSI minimum tensile strength
All tube seals and spindle seals held in place by spiral locks.
# 8 fittings or pipe threaded fittings welded to center section.
All Housings are built in house on a precision jig to maintain centerline.
All welding is done in house along with CNC machining.
Housing is pressure checked at 15 LBS. for leaks.
New special (G-Force South/Tex Racing) designed rear cover for added strength.

Additional Options:
Cambered and non-cambered tubes available.
Fabricated center sections available (16 lbs)