G-Force South also carries a full line of parts to service a wide variety of transmission brands throughout the circle track industry. Some of the transmissions that we also service include the T101, T101A, SR1, and T10. As well as manufacturing our own products, we are also the OEM supplier of many of the parts for these transmissions. G-Force South can get parts and offer service for your Jerico transmission as well. Because our technicians have such vast experience within the industry, G-Force South can service virtually any brand of transmission that you may have.

We offer dynamometer testing for transmissions and rear gears as well as REMŽ micro polishing. G-Force South also has Magnaflux capabilities as well as Rockwell hardness testing capabilities.

G-Force South can service your quick-change rear ends as well as prepare your 9" Ford pinion for an oil pump via a special EDM process. Additionally, G-Force South is a distributor for a variety of other companies within the industry. Some of these companies include Strange Engineering, Mark Williams, ARP, Motive, Richmond, American Axle, Hurst and Tilton.

All G-Force South transmissions and rear assemblies are inspected, performance tested and logged. Certification is provided for a complete history of all work performed.

G-Force South sells only the highest quality products that have been tested over time, and because of this, G-Force South is an authorized distributor for American Axle Driveshafts. We can get virtually any driveshaft you would need for your vehicle. Through their close business relationship with American Axle, G-Force South can order your driveshaft and have it delivered in as little as two days if necessary. Some driveshafts are stock items and they can often be shipped or picked up the same day.

G-Force South also has special fixtures for checking driveshaft runout to ensure the customer gets the highest quality, most accurate driveshafts possible.