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While already leading the industry with first-class designs of racing transmissions, it was felt that even more could be done for our customers by designing additional products that were superior to what is currently available. This is the concept behind our new locker unit for the 9” Ford center section. This unit was created using the latest CAD/CAM and FEA software and features numerous enhancements in virtually every area of design. This enables
G-Force to built its’ locker substantially stronger while reducing overall weight by a significant margin.

Unlike a standard locker unit, the G-Force South locker features housings that are manufactured using high quality alloy steel similar to what is used in racing gears and is then heat treated for additional strength. The outer housings are then machined as a set after assembly to ensure that concentricity and balance are essentially perfect. The internals of the G-Force South unit are also substantially stronger due to the use of upgraded materials and closer manufacturing tolerances throughout. All heat treating and additional metal processing is done with the same care and precision that our transmission parts demand. G-Force South also uses only shot-peened springs that have undergone an REMŽ micropolishing process. All of this adds up to an exceptional quality locker that ensures consistent performance and unmatched durability throughout the entire life of the unit.

All G-Force South Lockers are manufactured in the USA at the same facility that manufactures all of our transmission parts so quality control is never an issue. After each locker is hand assembled by a trained technician it is placed on a checking fixture that allows the operator to check the unit in each direction and a variety of loading and slip conditions. This guarantees that the customer is getting a proven unit every time it is put to use.